I recently attended your "Extreme disarms" seminar held at Suncoast MMA / FCS Kali in Trinity, Florida. I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm. The techniques you present are straight-forward, quick to learn, and they are extremely effective! Your  training can definitely be learned by untrained citizens, however its even more appropriate for law enforcement, SWAT operators, soldiers, private security, and trained martial artists. I grew up training in Kempo and I have been a certified combat casualty care (TCCC) medic for many years. I have been part of a very strong and talented SWAT team since 2001. I think every operator on my team should take your course. Your methods opened my eyes to how dangerous a "reasonably-Trained" threat can be even to trained personnel. Any professional that thinks otherwise is making a big mistake. I truly believe your course is a MUST for anyone that carries a gun, professionally or privately. I have already contacted our training division to let them know how beneficial your training would be to my SWAT operators and to the entire force. I look forward to training with you again in the near future. You have an excellent program, keep up the great work!

Thanks again,

Lieutenant/Medic Ted Reamy

I recently had the pleasure to attend a one day class offered by James Urban. We focused on basic and extreme disarms for rife and shotgun. As a 13 year veteran of Law Enforcement and former member of 2nd Ranger Battalion, its safe to sat that I have received quite a bit of training in the way of weapon retention/disarming. I found James training to be extremely practical, stripped down, and straight to the point. With a lot of the nonsense we've learned over the years taken out of the equation, you can get to the useful part that saves your life, and keeps you in the fight.I would recommend this training for anyone who wears a gun and a bullet proof vest to work each day. 

Officer Ernest Graham

I wanted to thank you again for your time and knowledge you shared in to the Basic and Extreme Disarm class. We had an opportunity to talk during the class but wanted to give you a little more detail about my past training. I have worked in Law Enforcement for the past 21 years. I have been on SWAT for 14 years. I currently teach Firearms, Defensive tactics, Ground Avoidance, and ground escape,Spontaneous Knife Attach Defense, and Responding to Active Shooters. I have been a life gym rat and student of the Arts-Kenpo. I am also a former member of the 101st Airborne-Infantry and was on the Division Marksmanship Training unit. As an instructor, you know that to teach a new or better system to soldiers or Law Enforcement there are several very important elements. 1) it must work. 2) it must be teachable to someone that will not or can not practice if for hours before it will be usable under duress. 3) Not overly complex. Your SYSTEM meets and exceeds all three. I will teach what I learned in your class to our SWAT team during our next SWAT defensive tactics training day. You have a great program and are a skilled teacher. Thank you again for your time.

 Officer Scott Ferrel